Who owns the garden?

The garden lot belongs to New York Garden Trust, which is part of the New York Restoration Project. In 2001, under the leadership and funding of actor and singer Bette Midler, NYRP purchased 114 community gardens off the city auction block, ensuring that they remain gardens in perpetuity. We also receive donations and help from GrowNYC, NYC Parks' Green Thumb, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden GreenBridge program and Green Guerillas.

When are you open?

From April to October our open hours are Thursdays 5-7, Fridays 5-7, Saturdays 11-7 and Sundays 9-5. Check our calendar to be sure a member is scheduled to open the garden. All are welcome whenever the gate is open, and during events and work days.

May I use the garden for a photo shoot or event?

Maybe. We prefer small crews to minimize damage to the garden, and projects that support our mission of environmental conservation and education. Email inquiries to greene.acres at gmail dot com, or ask a member at the garden.

May members host barbecues and events?

Yes, if you have worked, signed up to host ten open hours and paid dues. Check the calendar to make sure the date you want is free, then email greene.acres at gmail dot com to schedule your event. The garden remains open to the public during these gatherings, and no member may exclude another at any time, for any reason.

Important guidelines:

Please carry all trash home, especially non-compostable food waste, because it attracts rats and mice. For the same reason, don’t leave food in the shed. Bag recyclables and carry them home, or put them on the curb Tuesday night.

Bring your own paper goods and charcoal. Replenish any supplies you deplete (except lighter fluid; we have plenty).

Treat the garden as you would any green space: leave it better than you found it. If your event ends after dark, stop by the next day to check for any mess.

May I harvest plants and food from the garden?

The raised beds are reserved for the gardeners who tend them. Other areas are communal, and visitors and members are welcome to harvest herbs, strawberries, tea plants and figs sparingly. Please don’t cut the flowers: they make the garden beautiful.

How long will I have to wait for a plot?

The number of available plots changes every year. Email the garden to find out more if there are plots available. Most current plot tenants had to wait for growing space.

Have you tested the soil for lead and other contaminants?

Yes. Several tests have indicated that the soil and the rainwater in the tank are safe, or barely elevated in lead. However, one can assume that all soil in Brooklyn is contaminated. We use clean soil and compost for all edible planting. A test of the soil in kids’ digging areas in 2013 revealed 106 PPM lead content. We regularly mulch that area heavily. Parents who are concerned about lead exposure should take basic precautions like washing hands and shoes, and read more tips from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office.

Gardeners should also know that the flower bed to the right of the tank was formerly a composting site, and lots of rat poison was used in that area.