Greene Acres will be closed May 27th to June 1st for renovations.

Last year our garden was selected as one of the Vital Brooklyn grantees, you can read more about the initiative here

During the past months we worked as a community on a list of projects that we could tackle with this grant and it’s finally happening. 

Contractors set aside May 27-29th to start construction work in the garden.  So if you want to visit, please be mindful that on those dates the contractors will be using machinery and moving things around, so we ask that you plan your visit for other time.  

Starting June 1st the garden the garden will open again and we will have access to most of the garden through the Franklin Ave. entrance while the contractors work in the areas marked off by construction fence.

List of projects

  1. Water Supply: This was installed a few months ago so we have have potable water.

  2. New Beds: 24 6x4 new beds made of a more durable material. Stayed tuned for Junes 22nd work session, all hands on deck.

  3. Compost foundations and new bins: We are not taking scraps till construction is done, we’ll resume activities in July.

  4. Rain water Harvesting system: The base of our tank is sinking, so we are getting a new structure to support it and repair of any parts that are not working on the tank.

  5. Pond Rehab

  6. Solar panels: to power solar pump, water heating system for the hens and new compost system.