Types of Membership

You can join Greene Acres as a composting member or a full member. Composting members get a key to the gate and a place to drop kitchen scraps. Full members play a larger role in garden work and planting decisions, and may join the waiting list for a plot. 

Composting Member

To become a  composting member, email greeneacrescompost@gmail.com. We will contact you to join us at a composting work day (emptying the cans, turning the bins, and sifting finished compost). Usually we meet on Saturdays around 11am, or weekday evenings during warmer months. Then, you pay $10 annual dues, sign the membership agreement  and get a key to the gate. You can drop scraps and use the garden whenever you want. Composting members must attend at least one work day each year, but we always need more help. Compost members are not eligible for plots. If you want to host a personal event, you must also sign up to host ten open hours each year.


Full Member

To become a full member, come to a garden meeting or work day. We ask prospective members to work six hours during work days or whenever the garden is open. When you have completed those hours and gotten to know the garden, you sign the membership agreement, pay $20 annual dues per member (not per plot/household) and receive keys to the gate and the shed. After that, you must tell the plot coordinator directly if you want to be on the plot waiting list. Members are expected to participate in meetings and work days or help on their own time throughout the season. All members must also host ten open hours when we are scheduled to open to the public (Thursday and Friday 5-7p, Saturday 11-7, Sunday 9-5.)   



How to Get a Plot

Greene Acres has 25 hexagonal raised beds in which individual gardeners grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Email the garden to ask if there is an available plot; if not, you can ask to be added to the wait list. It's never a bad time to join the list! Just fulfill the membership requirements (6 work hours, dues), then ask the plot coordinator to add you to the list.

As a Member

Our revised bylaws were approved in April. Read them here or in the shed. All members must sign a membership agreement online or in the shed, which includes our garden rules:

As a member of Greene Acres, each year:

  • I will pay dues by May 1

  • I will plant my plot, if I have one, by May 1 and tend it April to October

  • I will host ten scheduled open hours (Thu 5-7, Fri 5-7, Sat 11-7, Sun 9-5)**

  • I will attend at least three work days and two meetings**

  • I will be kind, respectful and helpful, and will refrain from hurtful behavior

  • I will supervise children and animals in my care closely and will not allow animals off-leash

  • I will not hold children’s gatherings in the garden without permission from the group

  • I will not give away my key, copy it, or lend it for copying

  • I will not store personal items or leave unwanted material anywhere in the garden

  • I will mind the bylaws, which I have read in the shed or on our website

  • I will treat members personal information and garden communications with privacy and respect (e.g. won't share or publish members' contact information or pictures without their consent; won't spam the list)

  • I understand that if I violate this agreement, I may be subject to action, including reassignment of my plot, dismissal from the garden or confiscation of my key.

**Does not apply to composting members, who agree to help with at least one compost session per year. Does not apply to chicken committee members, who have alternate arrangements with the Membership Working Group.