Garden Rules and Bylaws

The garden ratified new bylaws in April 2016. You can read them here or in the shed. All members must sign the Membership Agreement online or in the shed. That Agreement includes the Garden Rules:

  • I will pay dues by May 1
  • I will plant my plot, if I have one, by May 1 and tend it April to October
  • I will host ten scheduled open hours (Thu 5-7, Fri 5-7, Sat 11-7, Sun 9-5)**
  • I will attend at least three work days and two meetings**
  • I will be kind, respectful and helpful, and will refrain from hurtful behavior
  • I will supervise children and animals in my care closely and will not allow animals off-leash
  • I will not hold children’s gatherings in the garden without permission from the group
  • I will not give away my key, copy it, or lend it for copying
  • I will not store personal items or leave unwanted material anywhere in the garden
  • I will mind the bylaws, which I have read in the shed or on our website
  • I will treat members' personal information and garden communications with privacy and respect (e.g. won't share or publish members' contact information or pictures without their consent; won't spam the list)
  • I understand that if I violate this agreement, I may be subject to action, including reassignment of my plot, dismissal from the garden or confiscation of my key.  

School Visits

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